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Cyberbullying: An aid and prevention plan

School life is not always easy and all harmonious, in fact harassment and bullying pose a continuous problem. Communication technology and constantly new trending social media channels add further dimensions to the phenomenon, so that cyberbullying presents an even more complex matter. In order to protect children and teenagers the matter has to be tackled

Network traffic analysis

Network traffic analysis is the method of identifying, analysing and recording network activity. This can encompass smaller internal networks (with the purpose of performance measurement, tracking security flaws or further information gathering for management) as well as general interconnected network surveillance on a wider scale. Software for network traffic analysis can encompass a variety of

Access Control

Access control describes the selective control of entry or restriction to a certain area or resource and can therefore also encompass digital information and physical security. Individuals are being validated and authorized if they can confirm their true identity. Mechanisms that limit access and perform various forms of authorization verification, accountability and approval are generally

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security can either be achieved with constructional measures or via aerial surveillance, depending on the area or building that needs to be protected. Perimeter protection is the first line of defence and it is primarily used for surveillance to prevent intrusion attempts into this outermost protection zone and to maximize intervention time. Perimeter security

Policing the Dark Web

Understanding and keeping up with developments of the World Wide Web is one thing, but tracing dynamics of the Dark Web becomes even more complex. Technological expertise and cooperation on the international level are indispensable prerequisites for establishing a robust approach in prosecuting and inhibiting cybercrime of the Dark Web. The surface web which is