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A new cybersecurity model

Inspired by the human nervous and immune system researchers at the University of Arizona are developing a new cyber security model, which detects and addresses a threat in its earliest stage. A similar idea has been developed by IBM Security called the “IBM Security immune system”. Thus, these initiative is driven by a desire to

Auggmed: Police and first responders training enters mixed reality

Delivered through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), Auggmed offers a training platform for police, security forces and counter-terrorist units as well as first responders. Coordinated by the BMT Group, together with 13 partners, research and development of this EU funded project was completed by May 2018. Auggmed deals with the

The EU funded IntelliDog Trainer

Dogs, according to the EU, are still the best way to systematically detect explosives. They are mobile, agile and far more sensitive than any chemical detectors yet devised. However, while inexpensive to operate, training suitable dogs is time consuming and labour extensive, making it expensive. As the need for bomb dogs grows the training process

Adversary a novel cybersecurity platform

The Adversary project started development in November 2018 and received financing from the EU (H2020). By 2019 the project was concluded. However, according to Project coordinator and CEO of the Adversary Platform, Steindór Guðmundsson “In our minds, the project isn’t really finished at all – it’s just a stepping stone to a much larger project”.