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QR-Patrol Pro: Protecting lone workers

Development on the QR-Patrol Pro, which was funded by the EU (H2020), begun in July 2016 and was completed in December 2018. QR-Patrol Pro was built on the experience of its predecessor QR-Patrol. One of the improvements, according to Terracom is that: “QR-Patrol Pro is going to be the first application worldwide that will have in its arsenal Internet-of-Things technologies”.

The project will focus on guards conducting their duty alone and aims to make their work safer and more efficient.

QR-Patrol will automate many of the routine procedures followed by security guards, provide accurate location data (even in places without GPS coverage) and check of worker’s physical condition. Further, the device will offer a PTT (Push-To-Talk) function to provide secure group communication over IP.

Additionally, “QR-Patrol PRO is the only system at the moment using a triple play technology regarding assignment of checkpoints.” As such, QR-Patrol PRO allows the use of smart beacon devices in order to scan checkpoints and accomplish guard tours in terms of ease and efficiency.

The entire system is composed of a web application, a mobile application and several wearable devices.

The web application enables a supervisor to monitor his or her security guards. There he/she can also alter the routes of the guards and change the time schedule.

The mobile application enables the individual guard to:

  • send an SOS
  • see route on a map and detect beacons
  • receive and provide updates

In combination with the wearable devices, the guard’s vitals can be measured. Further, it provides the guard and the supervisor with the ability to send and receive distress signals in case a guard has an accident or requires assistance.

So far, QP-Patrol Pro has 800 clients in 71 countries. To get more information about QR-Patrol Pro you can visit the project’s website here.


Note: This Article is based on the website of the QR-patrol Pro

Author: Niklas Hamann


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