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The EU funded VICTORIA project

The VICTORIA project has 14 partners and is coordinated by the French IDEMIA Identity & Security. Research on the project begun in May 2017 and will be concluded by April 2020. The project was funded by the EU (H2020). For more information on the project you can click here. Video material is becoming increasingly crucial

Artificial Intelligence to prevent suicides in prisons

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is launching a research project to develop software to support the existing efforts to detect and prevent suicide attempts in its prison facilities, using AI. In the last three years the number of suicides in NRW´s prions have declined. So far, prisoners in NRW are screened at entry for potential suicidal intentions

The Globeimposter Ransomware

Attacks using Globeimposter, also known as Fake Globe, have been increasing over the course of the year, according to Cyware (2019). However, the ransomware is constantly updated and changed. As such, Globeimposter 2.0 was responsible for 6.5% of all ransomware strains detected between April and September 2019. The ransomware is mainly spread through e-mail campaigns.

A new cybersecurity model

Inspired by the human nervous and immune system researchers at the University of Arizona are developing a new cyber security model, which detects and addresses a threat in its earliest stage. A similar idea has been developed by IBM Security called the “IBM Security immune system”. Thus, these initiative is driven by a desire to

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2019

The full report and the IBM Infographic can be accessed here. This Article will summarise its main findings to provide an overview of the threat landscape. This report covers the year 2018 and was published in 2019. IBM is an American IT- and consulting company, based in Armonk. Overview In 2018 2,727,359,895 records were leaked

The challenges facing specialist police cyber-crime units

Conducted by Diarmaid Harkin, Chad Whelan and Lennon Chang (2018) the study aims to uncover: “the key challenges facing specialist cyber-crime units” and based on the opinions of those surveyed: „what are the key changes needed to strengthen police responses to the escalating threat of cyber-crime?”. This Article will present their main findings and shortly

Upcoming Cyber security Events December 2019

The last opportunities in 2019 to visit a cyber security event. Here is a short list to give you an overview of upcoming events in December. December Black Hat Europe: December 2nd-5th Location: London (England) Description: Black Hat provides attendees with the latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. Here the brightest professionals

Upcomming European Cyber security events November 2019

Having published the list of cyber Security Events in October, this list provides an overview of upcoming events in November. November Aviation Cyber Security Summit: November 5th-6th Location: London (U.K.) Description: In its third year the Aviation Cyber Security Summit, organised by the cyber senate, hosts a two-day executive forum. It will include presentations, roundtable