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The EU cybersecurity Act

The EU Cybersecurity Act entered into force on 27/06/2019

The EU Cybersecurity Act enters into force on 27.06.2019.

It grants a permanent mandate to ENISA, the EU´s agency for cyber security, in addition to more resources and new tasks.

In particular, ENISA has a key role in setting up and maintaining the European cybersecurity certification framework by preparing the technical ground for specific certification schemes and informing the public on the certification schemes as well as the issued certificates through a dedicated website.

This will become necessary as the Cybersecurity Act introduced for the first time an EU-wide cybersecurity certification framework for ICT products, services and processes.

Watch this short information video about the cybersecurity act by the European Commission:

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Note: This article is based on an article published by the European Commission

Author: Niklas Hamann


European Commission (2019). The EU Cybersecurity Act Available at:


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