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Europol and Palo Alto Networks expand their Cooperation against Cybercrime

On the 23rd of October Europol and Palo Alto Networks have signed a Memorandum of Mutual Understanding expanding their existing collaborative efforts.

Since 2017 the US cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks is a member of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre’s (EC3) Internet Security Industry Advisory Group. Through this forum the company was in regular meetings with Europol investigators to discuss security challenges related to cybercrime trends and shared insight on tackling them. Those involved in the advisory group also coordinate on running joint prevention and awareness campaigns.

On the 23rd of October the two parties have signed a Memorandum of Mutual understanding to enhance the already existing cooperation.

“The close collaboration between law enforcement and the global industry is crucial for countering effectively the increasing threat that criminals pose to the safety of the cyberspace.” said Steven Wilson, Head of EC3 since January 2016.

The cooperation will include:” the exchange of threat intelligence data and details of cybercrime trends, as well as technical expertise and best practices”. Furthermore, already on-going cooperation will be reinforced with the dynamic exchange of cyber threat intelligence, according to EUROPOL.

Palo Alto Networks has announced, that it’s so called Unit 42 will be central in exchanging information will Europol. Unit 42 is the companies threat intelligence team, whose investigators “uncover and document new adversary behaviours, malware families and attack campaigns around the world”.

After the signing of the MoU Wilson stated: “We are confident that working together with the leading companies in the cyber world will significantly enrich the toolbox of the global coalition against cybercrime.”


Note: This Article is based on Press releases from Europol and Palo Alto Networks

Author: Niklas Hamann



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