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Upcomming European Cyber security events November 2019

Having published the list of cyber Security Events in October, this list provides an overview of upcoming events in November.


Aviation Cyber Security Summit: November 5th-6th

  • Location: London (U.K.)
  • Description: In its third year the Aviation Cyber Security Summit, organised by the cyber senate, hosts a two-day executive forum. It will include presentations, roundtable working groups and panel sessions. The event will bring together cyber security strategists from global Airlines, Airports, ANSPs and the aviation supply chain to work towards reducing financial losses, preventing loss of public confidence and assuring passenger safety through effective cyber security strategy.
  • For whom: Persons involved with or working in Airports, Airlines ANSPs, Ground Handling Service Providers, and the Aviation Supply Chain as well as anyone with an interest in aviation cyber security.
  • Contact:


Cyber Security Executive: November 13th 

  • Location: Helsinki (Finland) 
  • Description: The event provides a unique look at the role of cyber security in modern businesscompetitiveness. During 12 hours more than 15 speakers, like NATO Cyber Center Ambassador Kenneth Geers and X-Force´s Executive Security Advisor Erno Doorenspleet, will explore multiple aspects of the world of cyber security, risk assessment and management.
  • For whom: Business leaders or anyone involved with business cyber security. 
  • Contact:


Cybersecurity Leadership Summit: November 12th-14th

  • Location: Berlin (Germany) 
  • Description: The second Cybersecurity Leadership Summit will focus on topics ranging from the role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity, to Strong Authentication solutions, Privileged Access Management, Data Security and Social Engineering threats. The three-day lasting event is organised by KuppingerCole Analysts and hosts more than 40 speakers from a variety of backgrounds. 
  • For whom: Anyone with an interest for cyber security and business 
  • Contact: +49 211 2370770


Central European Cybersecurity Conference: November 14th-15th

  • Location: Munich (Germany) 
  • Description: The third Central European Cybersecurity Conference – CECC 2019 aims at establishing a venue for the exchange of information on cybersecurity and its many aspects between academics and practitioners in central Europe. The conference is devoted to presenting and exploring scientific and technological advancements and original innovative applications in the field of cybersecurity. 
  • For whom: Academics and practitioners in the field of cyber security and anyone with an interest in the topic
  • Contact:


2019 International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act: November 18th-19th 

  • Location: Brussels (Belgium)
  • Description: The 2019 International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act has been developed to help standards community prepare for the evolution of risk-based frameworks meant to address market fragmentation in the EU. The EU Cybersecurity Act, now in the early stages of development, will eventually create a wide-ranging, independent European body of cybersecurity regulation as part of the “single digital market” goal. The event is organised into 4 separate tracks: technology and certification issues, customer requirements, policy, and market issues.
  • For whom: International standards community, anyone with an interest into the “single digital market”
  • Contact:


ESRM: November 27th

  • Location: London (U.K.)
  • Description: The UK´s leading event for INFOSEC, Cyber Security and Risk Management professionals. The event offers several Seminars and a number of Speakers from a variety of backgrounds.
  • For whom: Anyone working in or with INFOSEC, Cyber Security and Risk Management
  • Contact:


Note: This article is based on Staffhost Europe´s list and filled with information provided by the different event websites. 

Author: Niklas Hamann


Marks, Paul (2019). 2019 cyber security Events In: Staffhost Europe Available at:


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